Happy Clients

Anna at Evergreen Rolfing has given me my life back, both professionally and for recreation! I had some serious difficulties with my right shoulder and left hip when we met about 18 months ago. As a practicing gynecologist, I needed my right shoulder to function and I needed my left hip to stand for prolonged periods in the operating room. Within a few months, Anna had my right shoulder fully functional! I have recovered full range of motion with full strength. I have not missed any work and thank Anna for ‘fixing’ the fascial strains that my work must have put on my shoulder. And on top of it, with minimal need for attention in to my shoulder over the last year, I have not had any recurring issues. My left hip is arthritic from ‘wear and tear’. I saw an orthopedic surgeon approximately 4 years ago to see if there was anything I could to do to avoid surgery. His only response was, ‘I’ll see you when you are ready for a new hip.’ Anna has not only kept my hip going, but she has improved my range of motion by at least 70%. I wish we had made a video of me ‘before and after Anna’, but I never expected or dreamed I could have such a dramatic improvement. I highly recommend Anna. My husband and now my brother-in-law have started the “Ten Series”. I have highly recommended Anna to my patients. I believe that anyone in their 40’s can and will benefit from a Ten Series with Anna. In my opinion, if I had seen Anna 10 years ago, I may not have needed that visit with an orthopedic surgeon. Her rolfing is as much preventive as curative. Try it! ~Dr. Lisa K. Lewis, Sustaina Center for Women

I totally enjoyed everything about my 10 Rolfing® sessions and got a lot out of it. One of my goals was to improve my posture by lengthening my chest/shoulder region to improve my head alignment with my body. This definitely was accomplished and my husband even commented on my improved posture. My other goal was to work out an ankle sprain to allow me to pursue running again and this has come true. I am able to run again with no ankle pain at all. I did not think this would be possible. Anna has such a gentle approach and I always looked forward to seeing her each visit and always felt so relaxed and energized after each visit. Thanks again for a great 10 sessions and I look forward to seeing you again in the future. ~AL, Realtor

I consulted with Anna because summer activities (mountainbiking, road biking and jogging/back packing) did a number on my body…. A health professional myself, she impressed me with her knowledge of the human anatomy. But more than that, she helped me along in gaining more flexibility and easier and painfree function…So I was able to play hard again!! Thanks Anna!! ~EDC, physical therapist

Rolfing® has helped me in my everyday life, athletic pursuits as well as working as a firefighter. I did not realize how tight my posterior chain was and Rolfing helped me move more naturally (think full range of motion) which means safer. From picking up my kids, to squats, to moving rapidly with 50 lb of gear in fires and lifting patients, my form is better allowing me to do these safer and with more weight. ~BP, firefighter

Thanks so much for the round of treatment I received from you recently.  I looked forward to each session and the different feelings of relief and stability that they brought.  The diversity of the program was one of the things that really added to the experience for me.  I felt like each particular area of my body that you focused on, was reset and grounded after the visit.  Rolfing was a new experience for me, but your relaxed, yet professional approach always left me at ease.  I think anyone looking for a new or additional therapy would benefit from seeing you.  As for me, I’ll look forward to seeing you in the future. Thanks, ~PR, Home Builder/Mountain Bike Racer

I just wanted to thank you for the Rolfing® work you did on me. I have suffered from lower back nerve pain off and on for many years. Sometimes flaring up bad enough that walking was almost impossible, but always with some pain that I tended to just ignore. I got in touch with Anna and did the first session; from there it was apparent that I had relief from some of the pain right away. Each session I realized more relief and soon all pain was gone, and in fact, things that before I would cringe at no longer caused pain, even the brief sharp pains I had grown used to. While Rolfing focuses on the entire body, each session had something that helped me to relax sections and my overall body relaxation has been better. I know that is a large part of the reason that my back is doing better now, a lot of the pain was compensation for other areas that were not functioning correctly and my body was protecting them. This is the longest I have been pain free. While other things have reduced pain, this has removed it and in fact I rarely think about my back anymore and it used to be a constant reminder to be careful when I moved. I read a lot about Rolfing prior to going, and a lot of what I read was that it can be intensive. This did concern me, as with my back problems if something went too far I often had swelling that would cause even more pain. However, I explained to Anna my concerns and she was very aware of where I was with the intensity level and ensured that I was comfortable throughout the sessions. So while the work was more intensive then other methods, Anna made sure I was still comfortable with the level. This helped to make sure I got the most out of the work without additional pains from my prior injuries. I always left relaxed and feeling better. And I know that if I have any discomfort I will be back in ASAP. The experience is well worth it, and Anna makes the most out of her time with you. ~SH, Engineer

I have been reading about Rolfing® for many years and have been curious, but somewhat reluctant, to try it out. I decided to take the plunge this year and after doing some research about practitioners chose to make an appointment with Anna from Evergreen Rolfing. I am so very happy with my decision! Anna is wonderful and caring with a great sense of humor – I feel really comfortable around her which was important to me. I am about to begin my 9th session and the benefits so far have been fantastic. I feel more grounded in the way I stand. I have felt my posture and the way I carry myself change for the better. My hips, ankles, and lower back are better aligned which really helps me carry my weight with less effort. I know when I “check” my posture by backing up to a wall and seeing what touches the wall first that it is way different than before. All except for my upper back seem to hit about the same time; whereas before from my hips upward did not hit the wall which is not the most efficient way to carry yourself – causing a lot of back issues. When I stand I can feel that most of my weight is directed down into my legs in a straight line right into my ankles and feet. It is really hard to describe, but it just feels so solid and so “right”. I highly recommend Anna. She is a great Rolfer and a great person. On a side note – I hope she won’t mind me saying this – don’t be fooled by her size. She is tiny but I bet she could Rolf a linebacker. ~KS, Engineer